Monday, 20 February 2012

February's harvest

February is a big month in the garden and thanks to a surprise egg from Spazz which has been followed up thick and fast with a daily lay, I am confident I am going to meet my challenge (all homegrown items listed in green).

Kicking off last week I started with roast lamb with the first of the climbing beans steamed on the side.

On Sunday I cooked more apricot chicken (chillies and thyme) AND my famous baked cheesecake with fresh berries (and eggs)

Monday I created my own version of chicken larb gai  (Thai basil, chillies).

Tuesday was Valentine's Day with cheap and cheerful Vietnamese at Footscray's Sapa Hills.

Wednesday: Apricot chicken leftovers.

Thursday: Special fried rice- I use left over roast meat dice and an add with capsicum, peas, spring onions and fresh eggs.

Friday was the Great Debate at the Sustainable Living Festival and a quick bite at Flora in Flinders Street.

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