Thursday, 5 January 2012

The last of the Christmas ham.

For the second year running, this Christmas I invested in a beautiful free range ham from Bronwyn and Micheal at the Gypsy Pig. Not only are the hams produced in an entirely free range environment (as opposed to the bred free range and bred outdoors labels) but they are also delicious and long lasting. Thanks to my Mother's preparation of the ham bag (soaking in a couple of tea spoons of vinegar) the ham stayed fresh and provided a week's worth of cold cuts and ham, tomato,cheese and mustard toasted sandwiches.  By the start of the week I was down to a few scraps on the bone so I carefully took them off and combined with a few other ingredients to make this quick and easy spaghetti. The recipe included:
  • 1 left over zucchini that I stripped into ribbons using the vegie peeler.
  • some dubious 'You'll love coles' pesto sauce - left over from one of the Japanese girls who periodically come and stay. I was thinking about starting fresh but couldn't have been bothered going to the supermarket to get some pine nuts and figured aside from using up the waste I could tart it up with home grown basil.
  • home grown garlic (some of the  stronger white variety that sprouted from a long ago purchased Chinese garlic that had sprouted beyond use and gone straight into the garden- contrary to what you might think -despite the bleaching, irradiation and whatever else they do grow! )
  • home grown tomatoes, fresh black pepper and the ham.
The end result was fresh and light, a perfect end to the Christmas ham and a hot summers day.

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