Saturday, 16 August 2014

Winter wrap up

Its cold outside Spring is just around the corner.......

Last week I sowed my summer seeds and my girls are back laying (and letting me know very noisily all about it)

In the meantime my winter garden is still ticking along. At home I am picking bok-choy, sprouting broccoli   and a sneaky winter capsicum (I think its the my personal record for latest harvest capsicum). To add to that, a few weeks ago (before it got too frosty) I picked a handful of pink cherry tomatoes from the community garden and let them ripen in the banana bowl.

It's my first winter with a plot at the community garden and my plants have been going well out in the sun.

Last week I thinned my first baby leeks for pumpkin and leek risotto.

My garlic is growing well and I am confident of some nice big heads.

Japanese daikon- are bursting out of the ground- quite literally! Stay tuned for another installment where I attempt to turn these babies into Japanese pickles (starting off my 'nukadoro'- rice bran pickle pot is my next project on the list).

Finally, here's my savoy cabbage. Last year the cabbages in planter box ended up infested by aphids, so this looks like my first successful cabbage harvest!

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