Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Recycled green house

The warmest spot to sit on a winters day

Thanks to some IT issues..... seriously how hard can it be to change internet providers? its been a while since I last posted... so now we are deep in the depths of winter I am finally able to post about my new recycled green house.....

The most important part of any green house is the glass.. in this case it's the old hinged shower screen taken from our bath during the renovation.

the screen lends itself to an A-frame design which was created using left over timber and plywood. The piece of wood at the front is a prop to hold open the door. 

Due to the combined weight of the screen and the timber we have added  caster wheels to help move the green house around to maximize exposure to the sun. The casters were taken off a dumped mattress base that my partner G found somewhere in the neighbourhood.

Inside are the left over remains of my winter seedlings, my new baby curry tree and a piece of spouted ginger. In addition to help maintain the thermal mass G added a piece of  water filled PVC piping, spray painted black.Once again this was recycled from a previous down pipe diversion that we no longer needed once the water tanks were installed.

 Not long to go before I test it out for real with seed sowing for summer.

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