Thursday, 17 January 2013

Change in the weather

OK so this entry is just a blatant excuse to post this cute picture of Boss ( and yes she is moulting!) attempting to shield her over-sized brood from the breeze on a chilly summer's night last weekend. The babies, despite losing their fluff seem to have been in no hurry to feather up, meaning it was all a bit of a shock to the system.

Where in the world would you have a week that started with a 39 degree day followed by a 20 degree day, then some other random in between days in the 20's finally ending with a 40 degree day...Welcome to Melbourne...

While the animals and plants must be confused, I am just thankful we have managed to escape the worst of the heat wave that has recently enveloped the rest of the country. Stay cool everyone.


  1. Yes, I hope they manage to keep cool. It's good for them (and us) to have a few days in the 20's as a relief.

  2. It was nice to get some rain the other day though. The temperature fluctuations i can live with the lack of rain less so. Very cute pic it is too. We plan to get day old chicks next week and I will no doubt be writing posts as an excuse to put up photos of them too.

  3. What type ate your chooks? Barnevelders?