Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sharing the love.

One of the best things about seed saving and growing your own- is that if it works you will likely end up with more plants than you can possibly use.

Last spring I was extra organised and started off my seed growing early in the spring. I grow my seeds in old strawberry and tomato punnets. The lid creates a greenhouse effect to keep the soil nice and warm- (an absolute must to germinate summer seeds like tomato and capsicums). I keep the punnets in a tray and move them between the sunny north verrandah (by day) and infront of the heater (by night). The result was plenty of plants to share.

Here are some pics from my friend Ruths garden....
Other plants made their way to work where we held an Oxfam 'Gather to Grow' fundraiser. For a gold coin my colleagues scored themselves some of my favourite 'yellow' capsicums!

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